Entering to the world through your trust

About BSL India

If you are someone who have got money but do not know where to invest them into because you really don’t want to take chance by risking your hard earned money into some T&C’s applied money multiplying companies which you are not really aware of but you still hope to see the money that is in your bank account working for you while you are parallelly working for some more money. “If you are that someone, keep reading because we have got good news for you”, If you ain’t that someone, no worries as we have something covered for everyone who is here.

You might be still wondering, is it worth your time reading what you are still reading, thinking if at all your money which you might be saving for any reason, can you play safely with it? If I say Yes, You will surely ask meabout our company T&C’s considering us to be some other so-called company targeting your savings. The good news for you isn’t that we are a company asking for your savings. We don’t consider it to be good news for you; it’s just daily news for you. Before actually revealing the good news, you might surely want to know who we are and why we are. Let’s read on about so called us.



We are Blackapple Venture Capital Co Limited, is an early stage venture capital firm established with the background of Blackapple Solutions which is into IT Services from last 15+ years with turnover around $20 Million. Our results and clients speak for us as we are a company not just limited to a specific industry or any geographical location as we have got clients and connections all around the world namely in USA, India, UK, Europe, and where not.



Yes, you read that right. Why does our company actually exist? As mentioned earlier we as a company is not limited to specific boundaries may it be geographically or in industry wise. You are not being confused or convinced here but we as a company are also investors into some other’s dreams call it small scale IT companies and other companies which have got potential to make it large which really don’t just need our money but also our experience as we are also a company built on a deep network of expertise.

How are we different from others?

The real good news is that by investing in our company you can really play safe with your precious money because you don’t have to worry about the financial status of the firm we as a company are investing into.

  • We consider your money as our money because your trust in us matter for us more than anything else.
  • The team that we have here at our company is worth it, for the safety of your priced money as our team has a vast experience into all the sectors thereby helping the firm or the companies that we as a company are investing into not letting them slip into any losses in any stage of their business.

So at the end of the day, your trusted investments in us can give you healthy returns covering your insurance with a low-risk factor. We might not be able to immigrate you to different parts of the world, but surely we can immigrate your trust to different parts of the world by investing your priced money.

We are here to make the world upside down so why not the quotes.