Our mission is to give a service that values the many different cultures and backgrounds of our stakeholders including clients, consultants, suppliers, and employees, thereby assisting in the improvement of services to all.

Seed Stage

We target businesses at their budding phase, and invest in them both financially and by the formulation of success strategies.

We spend our expertise, experience, and connections to pave the way for business success.

We believe that small efforts made today can lead to greater success in the future, so we focus on team building and formulating of strategies geared towards improvement. We provide strategic guidance, skill building, customer development, and analytics.

Parallel Entrepreneurship

We have created the platform where entrepreneurs from all sectors and industries come together, to discuss, network and share ideas and experiences with each other.

And this serves as a common ground for innovation, potential partnership, and cooperation amongst different firms.

Since we provide the resources needed for growth, the businesses have enough time to focus on strategy, product improvement, and deeper market penetration.

Creation & Incubation

At Blackapple Venture Capital, we treasure ideas a lot, and we believe that by investing in ideas and executing them, we can stir changes in all sectors.

With this mindset, we always hunt for opportunities of growing little ideas into big business enterprises. Once we see a sellable idea, we go all the way and risk everything it takes to make sure that it yields maximum fruits.